Hortus Loci are absolutely delighted to announce our partnership with CED Stone Group. CED Stone are leading suppliers of natural stone products with 40 years of experience, who will be based on site at Hortus Loci in Hook from Good Friday.

We are now a one stop shop for plants and natural stone for garden designers, contractors, and landscapers alike. The perfect venue to bring your clients to be inspired by our comprehensive and diverse product ranges, also to sit down with them to discuss options over a coffee and the legendary Brownies from the HoboCo – socially distanced of course!

Visitors to the CED Stone Cabin will be welcomed by Lee and can browse the display area and pick up a brochure or samples. Clients will be able to place orders for delivery or collection directly with CED Stone. Hortus Loci and The Plant Centre deliveries and collections will remain separate.

Robin and Mark at Hortus Loci:

We found it quite tricky to write this without resorting to the usual cliches about how our products are so often combined to create wonderful spaces in gardens and landscapes. The main reason being that they are! From our side of the fence (or should we say path) it is the fact that the team at CED are so nice to deal with from top to bottom. We have built our business on the fact that we are knowledgeable, helpful, offer a wide range, but above all personable. We have seen these same attributes running through CED in all our dealings, from Giles at the top through the sales team, down to the men and women on the ground at the depots and their drivers.

Giles Heap, CED Stone MD has known Robin and the team at Hortus Loci for many years and when Robin told him about his exciting plans for their site and asked if CED Stone might be interested in joining him on this journey, he knew this was an opportunity not to be missed!

Giles Heap at CED Stone:

Hortus Loci are known for their high-quality plants and comprehensive service. CED Stone is known for our high-quality landscaping products and expertise in all things stone. We both have the same client base and the same high standard of service that designers and contractors demand. It’s a perfect partnership.

By having a presence in Hook, designers and contractors can pop in without having to come up to London. Choosing stone can be tricky to do on a Zoom call, so by partnering with well-known and trusted nurseries like Hortus Loci, and having a presence on their site, we give clients the chance to visualise how our products will coexist with some of the amazing specimens that Hortus Loci have to offer. Saving time on travel, reducing meeting times and days out of the office while reducing the co2 footprint of every project.

We have plans to integrate CED Stone’s product throughout our retail area, The Plant Centre and in the nursery at Hortus Loci in the future to inspire you even further. Watch this space!