Hortus Loci is a wholesale plant nursery working with landscape architects and garden designers. We supply a wide range of perennials, shrubs, trees and hedging from our site in North Hampshire, and our highly-experienced staff work closely with clients to provide the most comprehensive service in the business.

Garden & Landscape Designers

First Class plants with a service to match.

Hortus Loci has a lot to offer the professional who enjoys working with a wide range of plants and trees. We offer a huge variety of specimen trees, shrubs, roses and perennials. We’re also very approachable people and have a genuine care for the Designers needs, and a deep understanding of how essential quality is when it comes to building or renovating a garden. Our team are very experienced horticulturists, so you can be assured of sound practical advice and guidance.


Working with the domestic market requires instant impact.

Many property developers now consider carrying out their own soft landscaping works, but we’ve learnt from those we work with that sourcing the trees and plants can sometimes feel very confusing with an endless mass of varieties and specifications. With our friendly and professional guidance, we will take the developer through the necessary steps and help turn what may have been a headache in to a simple and profitable addition to the enterprise.


Providing quality native hedging to local farmers.

Native Hedge Mix is the most common choice. This mix is sold by the linear metre and makes for a cost effective and very attractive boundary hedge, providing food for wildlife and in time becomes a dense, stock-proof barrier.

General Public

For non-trade enquiries, The Plant Centre is here to help.

Based on the same Hampshire site, our Plant Centre offers the excellence of Hortus Loci to the general public. Open 7 days a week, we have everything a plant-lover could possibly need. We have access to well over 4,000 different varieties of perennials, shrubs, roses, trees and hedging. This means that our Plant Centre customers not only have much more choice here than anywhere else, but will be able to get hold of the latest plant introductions all at very competitive prices.

Our team of experts are always on hand to help
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