About the nursery

With a rapidly growing team, Hortus Loci hand select and grow a huge range of perennials on their 17 acre site. With highly-experienced staff keeping an eye on current trends and helping to set them, the range of plants available on the nursery will always be unique and surprising.
With many nurseries growing plants in 2 litre pots, Hortus Loci differentiate themselves by growing stock in a 3 litre pot as a minimum. This larger pot size enables plants to have stronger root growth which means they take faster when planted in the ground.

Inspirational ideas

Taking time to source the perfect feature plant couldn’t be easier at Hortus Loci. There are hundreds of specimen trees on the nursery from all over Europe to choose from, so selecting anything from an 8 metre Quercus suber to a 3 metre multistemmed Amelanchier lamarkii is possible. However, if you need ideas on the perfect specimen trees, shrubs or perennials, the team are on hand to offer advice. With experience of growing plants for the most prestigious horticultural shows in the UK, Hortus Loci not only understand the trends, they help to set them.